Why visit the Research Lane at the SABF 2017?

19/06/2017 / South African Book Fair

Scholarly presses specialise in publishing books that advance society and change the way people think. In South Africa they are at the forefront of sharing #OURSTORIES with the youth.

The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the African Institute of South Africa (AISA) presses will be part of a dedicated Research Lane at the South African Book Fair (SABF) this year. The presses from the University of Cape Town and Witwatersrand have also confirmed participation as has the University of South Africa (UNISA) press. We look forward to sharing their fundamental work with the South African public.

Scholarly book publishing in South Africa is represented mostly by university presses and independent publishing houses that form part of key research organisations. Together with their journal publications, the book publications of scholarly publishers provide key research findings on important topics in the sciences, social sciences and humanities.

What sets scholarly publishers apart?

The primary intent of our scholarly publishers is to publish African-led, evidence-based research and analysis of outstanding quality, and to do so on a wide range of key issues of the global South. These range from questions of identity in a post- and neo-colonial world, through the valuing, recording and preserving of indigenous knowledge systems, to solution-oriented studies on inequality, hunger, environmental degradation and poverty of various kinds.

Because they are dealing with urgent issues of human survival, in more recent times some of these scholars have tried to reach an audience that is broader than just academics, students and policymakers. Many scholarly authors are interested in making their work more easily available to the general reading public. Techniques such as writing in plainer language and explaining useful jargon means that their painstaking research can have more positive impacts on society; and on humans’ understanding of the world socially, economically and politically.

The promotion of South African research and knowledge into the wider African and indeed global knowledge economy is the ultimate goal of South African scholarly publishers.

Why visit the Reaearch Lane at the SABF 2017?

For South Africans that wish to broaden their horizons, stretch their intellectual capacity and delve deeper into topics of interest, the Research Lane will have African led theoretical works available.

Here you will find books that make you think, question, debate, read more! Scholarly books impact society and people’s lives for the better. These books change perceptions, and positively affect #OURSTORIES.