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13/11/2017 / Opportunities South African Book Fair

The SABDC is a leading-edge organisation that is working in new and pioneering ways to overcome the most challenging barriers faced by the South African book publishing sector. We therefore require the services of an innovative and leading-edge company to facilitate and deliver our ambitious vision.

The successful company will have to be passionate about development in South Africa and should have some experience in breaking new ground. It must also be able to offer the SABDC a holistic package that caters to the Fair’s diverse audiences − audiences that are both (a) established and (b) yet to be drawn to the event.

One of our main goals as the SABDC − that of repositioning the yearly national book fair of South Africa − is inevitably a complex process; and the SABDC thus has to enlist expert skill in meeting this objective.

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Please feel free to schedule a call with the CEO of the SABDC at (021) 914-8626 for more information.

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