Hello, I’m Funda Bala

17/08/2016 / #BUY_A_BOOK National Book Week

My name means ‘Read, Read’ across the Nguni and Sotho language groups and I am your National Book Week favourite mascot. Help me get more books into South African homes, together we can make South Africa a reading nation by bringing more books to homes across our country. This National Book Week we encourage you to make the time to read. Visit your local library or read to a child so that we may all share in the joy of reading.

National Book Week celebrating reading 5 – 11 September 2016

National Book Week is for everyone: Libraries, Schools, Churches, Community Groups, Companies, Government Departments, Individuals, Book Clubs, and Families. Each of us can do something to get more people reading and to celebrate the magic of books

How can you get involved in National Book Week? Here are some ideas.

  • There is someone in your immediate community who does not read – #SHARE_A_BOOK with at least one person.
  • Participate in the programme in your province.
  • Visit your local Bargain Books, Exclusive Books, Takealot.com and participate in the #BUY_A_BOOK campaign where you donate books to organisations working with women, men, children, youth and the disabled.
  • Visit your local library.
  • Order your poster for your school, church, workplace, community centre, and library bookweek@sabookcouncil.co.za
  • Organise reading sessions and book discussions in your local library or at your school.
  • Promote NBW on your social media platforms use the hashtags: #BUY_A_BOOK and #READ_A_BOOK and #SHARE_A_BOOK.
  • #BUY_A_BOOK for someone who does not own any.
  • Parents/Adults/Grandparents – Read to children. Bedtime stories are great!
  • Gather together and tell stories – Storytelling is the best!
  • Form a Reading club.
  • Children/Adults – Dress up as your favourite story character.
  • Encourage story writing for reading.
  • Organise motivational talks with popular individuals who love reading.
  • Create your own activities and let the NBW team know about it.
  • Write a poem and narrate to others.

Did you know?

  • About 51% of households in South Africa do not have a single book in their home.
  • Only 5% of parents read to their children.
  • Only 14% of South Africans are regular book readers.

Having as few as 20 books in the household is a key indicator of children achieving higher levels of education.

Visit Bargain Books, Exclusive Books and Takealot.com and #BUY_A_BOOK for only R20 to donate to households where there are no books.