National Book Week Celebrated in Uitenhage

05/09/2016 / National Book Week
National Book Week in Uitenhage

Councillor Siyasanga Sijadu, Member of the Mayoral Committee for Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality launched NBW activities in Uitenhage on the 5th September, which officially kicked off NBW celebrations countrywide.

“Reading and writing will not only ensure that you will be able to articulate yourself better, it also provides you with the acumen to compete better in the marketplace.

“One problem persists in especially our township schools and that is that reading has been reduced to a chore. It is even scarier that Xhosa people cannot read or write in IsiXhosa. It is unheard of in countries like India and China that people cannot read or write in their local dialect. We cannot have this,” Councillor Sijadu said.

Nelson Mandela Bay residents will not just improve their enunciation but also improve their competitiveness and acumen by making use of books.

From Tuesday, 6 September library staff will undertake a train journey between Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth from 07:00 to encourage commuters to read more. The determined team will take the train from Port Elizabeth to Uitenhage after 14:00 for the same purpose.