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Cotlands Toy Libraries

Cotlands believes that if every South African child has access to a toy library that provides high quality early learning play opportunities, they will have the required foundation to make it through formal schooling, pass matric, gain employment or continue their studies and contribute to the economic development of our country.

A toy library is a high impact, cost effective, non-centre based programme that gives children, their families, early learning facilitators and early childhood development practitioners access to a collection of carefully selected educational play materials, play session and training on how to use the toys to encourage development.


Mbongiseni Dludlu, alson known by his stage name HITMAN CEO, is a South African rapper, songwriter, producer, MC and entrepreneur. He was born in Daggakraal, Mpumalanga and grew up in one of the mos ill-famed townships, Diepsloot, Johannesburg North, which battles with high crime levels, unemployment, solo-parenting and alcoholism. In 2014 HITMAN CEO was one of the Sapinda Rainbow Ambassadors, whose mission is to encourage life skills and youth leadership through unique global adventure activity, such as the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. This led to his artistry gracing stages in Australia and the United Kingdom (UK).

Kwesukela Storytelling Academy (KSA)

Storytelling is an ancient art form used to relay messages among people. Stories educate, entertain, heal, facilitate meaningful dialogue in conflict situations and celebrate spirituality.

Our ancestors told stories around the fires at night to the young and the old. The aim was to preserve history, but also to use the content of the stories to build values and encourage communal well-being. Our ancestors used storytelling as the only method of education in the past. Today, with education systems and curricula evolving all the time, storytelling continues t play a vital role in education modernity. Kwesukela Storytelling Academy is a registered Non-Profit, Section 21 Company that aims to hold onto the true methods and objectives of this heritage. Although storytelling needs to be adapted to address the current socio-economic conditions, it remains the foundation of all modern and technical forms of “storytelling.”


The Nal’ibali reading-for-enjoyment campaign believes that anyone can share a story anytime, anywhere. This September Nal’ibali is calling on everyone in the country – parents, teachers, librarians, families and reading clubs – to share their favourite stories in order to stand a change to win prizes to the value of R15 000 and be crowned South Africa’s very first Bosso.

Nal’ibali will be hosting pop-up auditions and storytelling stations at NBW events where members of the public can come and record a story. Stories must be no longer than three minutes and can be an original story, retelling of an existing story or simply a reading from your favourite book.

This organisation is driven by PRAESA (Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa) – the 2015 laureate of the Astrid Lindgren Award, the world’s largest award for children’s literature and reading promotion.

For more information about the Story Bosso competition, to access stories in all South African languages, or for tips and ideas on sharing stories with children of all ages, visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter: @nalibaliSA

Nancy G


Singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and philanthropist, Nancy G brings human warmth woven into her unique sound. Her ability to find fertile ground for moving music n a variety of settings that obliterate genre distinctions, her music a much-needed statement of social optimism. Her profound grasp of lyrical content and deeper though instinctively absorbs her body of work. Nancy believes that “young people have the highest potential for long term success.”

The FunDza Literacy Trust

The FunDza Literacy Trust has a library accessible via cellphones with the aim of getting young South Africans hooked on reading for pleasure with all its lifelong benefits. Readers can access the FunDza mobi library on smartphones and also on the older feature phones. Readers with access to cellphones can enjoy fresh new accessible content, relevant to their lives, every day. Readers can connect to the FunDza mobi site in different ways, via the web, Mxit, Facebook, Twitter or contact FunDza by email.

The library has a new short story every week, with questions that engage readers with the content, as well as weekly blogs and non-fiction articles about inspiration South Africans, There is also a wide range of exciting teen and YA novels in the mobi library including the very popular Harmony High series (published by Cover2Cover books) and set at a fictional township high school. Competitions also encourage readers to join the site and become a regular reader.

For young aspirant writers the mobi site has a FunDza Fanz section. Young writers can send in their stories and poetry and get feedback and have their work edited by FunDza’s Developing Young Writers Programme.

At each bus stop during the NBW tour, the FunDza Literacy Trust will introduce teens to the mobi site in a fun, interactive and engaging way. This will include:

  • Demonstrating how to access the mobi library on cellphones.
  • Providing teens with a taste of what the library offers by reading from short stories and getting teens to participate in reading a short dialogue between two characters in one of the most popular short stories on the site.
  • The introdction of the FunDza Fanz section of the mobi site where young people can have their own writing published for each other to enjoy.
  • If there is time and a place for the teens to write, FunDza will hand out ‘bio-poems’ which are structured poems that are short and quick to write. Teens will fill in the bio-poems and hand them in so that FunDza can publish them in the Fanz section of the mobi library so that they can be read and enjoyed by readers across South Africa.

FunDza will also be distributing two A6 booklets which contain FunDza short stories and activities about a right in the constitution, as well as posters that give information about how to get onto the mobi site.

Access FunDza on the web, on Mxit by downloading, also on Facebook (FunDzaLiteracyTrust) and on twitter (@FunDzaClub). You can also email FunDza at



Presented by Johan Schronen representing Access Education.

Play has always been a fun way to learn. “In our inter-school Wordathons we use Word Play, a word-building card game I invented in 2010,” says Wordathon presenter Schronen. It is suitable for groups of four to six players and can be played in any language by learners or adults of all ages. Groups can either follow the game instructions or make their own rules to alter the difficulty level.

Word Play Wordathons target and benefit learners from under-resourced communities where English is not their first language. The game develops vocabulary, spelling and dictionary skills.

The Oxford Word Play card game now has a blitz 67 second version which will be ideal for quick stops along the route of the NBW tour. In this version a group of four learners share a pack of the letter cards and compete against other groups to see which group can build the most words using the most letters in 67 seconds – celebrating Madiba’s 67 years he spent making South Africa a better place.