National Book Week 2018

08/06/2018 / National Book Week

Stories are part of the culture and wealth of our communities. They have the power to teach, inspire, excite, connect and soothe. We see stories come alive as we share them every day on train platforms, in taxis, in church, in class or round a fire at night. We all have stories to tell.

This year, our very own National Book Week (NBW) mascot, Funda Bala, will visit new regions in all nine provinces of South Africa to re-ignite the African passion for stories told by the fireside to the beat of a drum. Each regional community hosting a NBW event in September will showcase their storytelling style and tradition, encouraging appreciation of their local talent and mother tongue. This countrywide chain of burning fires will culminate in a storytelling festival at the South African Book Fair on 7 September.

Let #OURSTORIES set our hearts alight!

During this NBW we will be asking all South Africans to tell stories | Visit your local library | #SHAREABOOK | #BUYABOOK | #READABOOK

The opening day of the South African Book Fair 2018 will end with a celebration of stories. The stories of past and current times will be told, shared and sung by the fireside beneath the shining lights of Johannesburg at dusk. Expect to be entertained by drumming, dancing, singing, poetry and – most importantly – stories, which will be told in indigenous languages by professional orators.