Funda Bala invites mascots to the SABF

27/07/2017 / Uncategorized

Leading the mascots during National Book Week and at the Fair will be Funda Bala, the lifesize book mascot who travels around the country during NBW, delivering books into the hands of children in communities across South Africa. More than anything, Funda Bala loves visiting rural communities who own very few books.

Funda Bala is inviting all its mascot friends to the Fair, to entertain and engage with children and adults alike.

Exhibitors: We are inviting all book-related mascots to the Fair and look forward to meeting them. Please let us know in advance that they will be joining Funda Bala in sharing the magic of books, so we can give them a warm welcome and allocate a special place for them.

We would also like the Magic Tent to be as full of exciting activities as possible. Included will be animated storytelling, Zulu beading and book-making activities. We invite exhibitors to curate activities in the Magic Tent. Please do send your ideas to us at