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13/04/2018 / Events South African Book Fair


The South African Book Fair (SABF) is a unique opportunity for the book publishing sector to position itself collectively as a relevant, inclusive and important part of development in South Africa and the rest of the continent. It also provides the sector with the once-a-year possibility of interacting and engaging with every other link in the book-value chain; and with government and the public at large.

You will be visited by people from all walks of life; and will be able to play a role in increasing their access to the rich and diverse content produced by our world-class book industry.

Both your staff and your visitors will also benefit from the contributions of the wide variety of participants represented on the SABF’s literary and other programmes. We encourage all participants to listen to, and mingle and debate with, the astonishing variety of trainers, poets, storytellers and authors on tap.

Note, also, that the space we have access to this year is not only strategically positioned within the metropolitan and culturally appropriate Newtown Cultural Precinct, but is also more accessible to all exhibitors and visitors. A space that is horizontal rather than vertical, it reaches out to the public in several enticing ways.

For further information:
South African Book Development Council
Email: raynia@sabookcouncil.co.za
Tel: +27 21 914 8626


SABF 2018 Invitation to Exhibit

SABF 2018 Exhibition Floor Plan

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