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13/11/2017 / Opportunities South African Book Fair

Join the exciting journey of bringing storytelling, books, the book industry in all its wonderful forms and so much more to South Africa.

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? The SABF is about changing the narrative around our yearly national book fair, being more representative and increasing access to all. Its success has far-reaching positive consequences for the country.

The Fair’s events management company must therefore buy into the vision described here and have the necessary drive and passion to fulfil the demands made by this ambitious vision. The successful company will have extensive knowledge and experience of consumer trade shows, and of managing an event of a similar nature. It will also have a proven track record on the different aspects required, as set out below.

Moreover, we are looking for a company that can grow with the event as it charts new territory.

for the full brief.

Closing date for proposals: 30 November 2017

Full contact and social-media details are to be found in our letterhead.

Please feel free to schedule a call with the CEO of the SABDC at (021) 914-8626 for more information.

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