Bountiful books for South Africa

16/08/2017 / #BUY_A_BOOK National Book Week South African Book Fair

Behind National Book Week and the South African Book Fair stands the belief that books remain the most cost-effective means of developing South Africa and its people.


@R20 at Bargain Books, Exclusive Books and Takealot.

A 20-year-long study across 27 countries found that having as few as 20 books in the home had a significant impact on propelling a child to higher levels of education. The researchers were struck by the strong effect the presence of books in the home had on children’s educational attainment. This effect surpassed that of many other important factors, including the educational level of the parents, the father’s occupation, and the country’s GDP and political system.

Fifty-eight per cent of households in South Africa do not own a single leisure reading book. There is no book for a bedtime story for the little ones, no book for an adult to escape to after a long day.

National Book Week’s #BUYABOOK campaign offers individuals the opportunity to help develop South Africa through the simple and cost-effective means of buying and donating a book.

The #BUYABOOK Campaign runs from 28 August to 17 September. Selected titles, for as little as R20, will be available at Bargain Books, Exclusive Books and Takealot throughout this period. These titles have generously been made available for the campaign by NB Publishers, Pan Macmillan SA and Penguin Random House.


All NBW titles will be available at the SABF for visitors to purchase and donate. Come to the SABF to #BUYABOOK and help us build a tower of books for Funda Bala to donate.