Biblionef South Africa

Biblionef South Africa’s mission is to provide deprived children and adolescents with new books, thus stimulating their curiosity and desire to learn and laying a solid foundation of knowledge for their future. Biblionef SA has an objective to acquire high-quality children’s books, mainly in the South African mother tongue languages and to donate the books to schools, libraries and children’s organisations serving children in needy areas around South Africa.

Biblionef South Africa operates countrywide in South Africa and targets children between the ages of 3 – 18 years. This includes pre-schoolers, youth, and disadvantaged children.

This project is monitored quarterly with reports available from the office in Pinelands.

Contact Mrs Jean Williams:
Telephone: 021 531 0447
Fax: 021 531 0455

Postal Address: Biblionef
Huis der Nederlanden
4 Central Square