The SABDC has many achieved much over the course over the past decade. The operational team is small but dedicated and has hosted numerous workshops, commissioned and directed research, analysed data, published reports, implemented a hugely successful nationwide reading promotion campaign, published an indigenous languages catalogue and hosted high profile digital technology summit. A few of our key achievements are listed below:

  • Book Industry Development Plan
  • Conceptualisation and implementation of the Inaugural NATIONAL BOOK WEEK 2010
  • Indigineous Language Publishing Programme (ILPP) a cultural and economic intervention
  • Establishing and maintaining a national representative body for the book sector with committed industry and cultural experts.
  • Industry Consultative Workshop 2005 with all key stakeholders to adopt the Draft National Book Policy.
  • Draft National Book Policy 2005 submitted as an adopted book sector strategy.
  • Industry data for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 from publishers, and 2006 from booksellers.
  • Intellectual Property Rights Report 2004 in the Book Industry Sector.
  • Reading Promotion Database detailing activities in the country.
  • Qualitative Reading Research Report that details the “street speak” of reading across demographics, with 20 focus groups.
  • Market Analysis through the National Reading Survey 2006 on the reading activity of adult South Africa to inform all activities across the book value chain.
  • Costing Analysis through the Cost of Books Study outlining the factors contributing to the cost of books and recommendations across the value chain.
  • Library Research Report detailing governance structures and budgets for public libraries.