Hello, I’m Funda Bala

My name means ‘Read, Read’ across the Nguni and Sotho language groups and I am your National Book Week favourite mascot. Help me get more books into South African homes, together we can make South Africa a reading nation by bringing more books to homes across our country. This National Book Week we encourage you to make the time to…

National Book Week

National Book Week 2016 will run from the 5th to the 11th September. The seventh year of this reading promotion campaign in 2015 was a great success and the South African Book Development Council (SABDC) looks forward to taking this imperative event to new heights in 2016. How can you get involved?

Why the SABDC

South Africa needs book development initiatives like National Book Week to promote more local books, more local language and diverse content books, and we need transformation and investment in the sector to better serve all South Africans.

What is Book Development?

The term was coined by UNESCO to cover the myriad range of people, processes and skills which go into the making and reading of a book. The need for book development is a condition not only for having more books created or output, but also different kinds of outputs to that which were previously produced as well as changes in the technical and institutional arrangements by which output is produced and distributed.

Does South Africa need book development?

Yes, we need more local books.

Yes, we need more indigenous language and diverse content books.

Yes, we need transformation and investment in the sector to better serve all South Africans.

The history of book development

In the mid-1960s, UNESCO held a series of regional meetings in Asia, Africa, the Arab States and Latin America to assess long-term book needs and assist in working out national policies and strategies to overcome the dearth of books in these areas. It was at these meetings that UNESCO also encouraged the formation of national book development councils which could play a key role in promoting and coordinating all areas of book development activity in harmony with overall national development.